For me music has always been about the story.  The stories I sing have already been written in the hearts and memories of people.  The music I write is to reflect how the story has impacted me.  Here are some of the stories that have inspired the music you've heard...

  • Jon Rottink

This song was written ahead of summer mission trip I took with my students to the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota with Next Step Ministries. I knew prior to the trip that the theme and video series was going to be "Shattered."

The series revolved around an illusionist and the take away was that our world is filled with false truths and illusions about who we are and what defines us. We need God's help to see ourselves as He does, and discover who we are. This includes repentance and re-focus on a life of following Christ. I had it written before the trip, but when the opportunity came to share, I chickened out…. I don't do that anymore. I just trust the spirit and go with it. This song describes the idea of being shattered by God, so that we can be made new.

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  • Jon Rottink

I originally wrote this song after the murder of two girls in my home state; eight and ten year old cousins. The parents of one of the girls were very open about their faith and grief. The funeral service was held at the church where one of my friends was serving in ministry. I remember something being said about how many people were being touched and changed by the life and legacy of their daughter, and how that brought some degree of peace.

I wondered, being the father of two younger girls, if I would be able to do and say the same. This song is a lament about how one can accept the pain and loss of a child if it ultimately adds in a sacrifice that gives glory to God and testifies to His overwhelming love and mercy.

I finally recorded this after another fellow youth pastor lost his son after a struggle with osteosarcoma. It was difficult to watch, knowing the end was coming. My friend and his family once again found the ability to see the glory of God being revealed in even the worst moments of pain and loss. This song is additionally a tribute to their son, and his Spirit filled life.

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  • Jon Rottink

Updated: Apr 11, 2020

A young boy in my hometown was tragically killed in an accident as he was walking home from school. As a father of a child of the same age, my heart broke for the family. I knew my feelings would never begin to touch the sadness of his parents. I felt the grief our entire community felt, and could only imagine how I would feel in those shoes. Out of my own sadness and searching for answers and peace, I wrote this song in a dark living room, letting the words come to me in my inadequacy. The result was this song: My Heart Is Your Home- A tribute to Christian Maxon.

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